Praise for Touchstone

“I read this book slowly, bit by bit, in the hours before sleep. Although I’ve never raised children, I’ve been a primary caregiver for chronically ill family members, and I’ve witnessed friends who have struggled with advocating for a loved one who needs special care. This memoir takes you into that world of love and devotion and constant challenge from natural causes but also from human failings on the part of our healthcare and educational institutions. The author doesn’t pretty it up or make herself look like some unassailable angel; she just puts her heart on the page, and brings her devotion, grit and grief to life.

“I read the book slowly for a number of reasons– it was hard to read without feeling deeply sad at times, but also, I didn’t want to lose Emma, or the relationship between the mother and her two daughters. I wanted to hang on and experience every moment, just as Denise Park Parsons did, and I am glad that she brought such courage and tenacity to the writing of this book.

“Highly recommended to anyone dealing with the loss of a child, the care of a loved one with a chronic illness, or anyone who wishes to develop more empathy and learn what drives those who devote themselves to the rigors of caregiving.”
? Janice Wilson Stridick


“This book is fabulous! The story is something anyone can relate to—not just parents of children with disabilities, but any parent, any person.”
? Maryellen Costa, R.N. and Aicardi mom


Touchstone is an inspiring, astonishing story. I laughed, cried, and was completely enthralled by this tale of the author’s heartbreaking story.”
? Vicki Rogers, Radio Air Personality and Asst. Program Director, LITE 106.9 FM


“The initial draw of Touchstone is the quality of prose that uses vivid imagery and a compelling narrative to describe a family’s journey that will touch your heart and mind in many ways. More than just a well-told story about how a young girl became the touchstone by which her mother’s life was and is still measured, this becomes a touchstone for the reader as well. Once I picked the book up, I could not put it down. Long after putting it down, I have not been able to let it go.”
? The Rev. Brian S. Gerard, M.Div., Editor of Common Passages


“Although I wept several times as I read it, this book is not about sadness. Instead, it is an inspiring story about the strength of a mother’s love and her remarkable daughters. Readers will find much to admire about Emma and her family.”
? Margaret Handmaker, Worldwide Partner (retired), Mercer, Inc.


“Emma’s life may be the beginning of the story of Touchstone, but her death is not the end. Denise Park Parsons weaves the warp and woof of her family’s lives into a beautifully textured blanket that readers will wrap themselves into.”
? Robert Sachs, Author, M.F.A. Spalding University


“It’s clear that Denise Park Parsons is a tiger mom—and people need tiger moms when they have these issues.”
? Linda G. Peterson, M.D.