Reading Questions for Touchstone: A Life Unseen


The author describes Emelia as a pioneer and a touchstone. What other roles does Emelia fulfill for the author or for others in the book?


Which situations in the book made you think to yourself, “I would have done that differently”? What would you have done, instead?


The author often portrays herself as a fierce and protective parent and much of Touchstone focuses on her struggles as a parent. Which, if any, of her struggles can you relate to as a parent?


What is the most memorable chapter for you in Touchstone? Why?


Reading nonfiction is often a reflective way in which to view life from another perspective, one that is perhaps totally different than our own. Has reading Touchstone broadened your perspective? If so, how or in what way?


The book contains details about Emelia’s medication situation and treatments. Although hopefully you haven’t had to deal with these same situations, which aspects resonated with you, and why?